Elaine Beale

“Elaine’s class was life-changing; it cracked me open and allowed me to find the courage to cultivate my own creative voice. Elaine is the kind of teacher who is a joyful mix of mentor, guide, and friend.”–Shelly J.

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Write From The Heart: An 8-week class that will inspire you to write and create new work.

Two hours of prompts and exercises and opportunities to share and get feedback on your work. 

Location: South Berkeley, near Ashby BART.

Time: 7pm to 9pm on Thursday evenings.  First class starts on February 8th.  

Cost:  $349 

Save your space with a $100 deposit:*

For more information: email Elaine at elaineqbeale@gmail.com

*Individuals who reserve a space with a deposit will receive a welcome email from Elaine that will include information about the class location. The classroom is within walking distance of BART, in an area with reasonable street parking. The space is wheelchair accessible. The balance of the class payment ($249) is due at the first class.

Elaine will also be teaching several classes through The Writing Salon in Berkeley starting in January 2018, including an online Fiction Workshop

In addition to being a published novelist and award-winning writer, Elaine is a trained educator and an experienced trainer. She has taught in educational and community-based settings for more than 25 years. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia.  She combines her keen understanding of the craft of writing with a commitment to creating classes and workshops that are exciting, fun, and supportive of every participant.

 “Elaine is a wonderful teacher, at once challenging and encouraging.  Her written materials are useful, her in class exercises creative and entertaining, and class discussions are always lively.  The writing exercises that she assigned were extremely helpful to me in rethinking my novel and she made detailed comments with helpful suggestions on my writing. This is one of the most valuable writing courses I have taken.”–Alice F. 

More quotes from students:

“Elaine is the kind of teacher who puts everyone at ease, no matter what stage of their writing the students are at. Her critique, while incisive, is always positive and constructive, and that made me feel comfortable sharing my work in class. She is also generous with sharing her own experience of getting published. I learnt a lot from her insights into the craft as well as the business.”–Neha K.

“Elaine is one of the most encouraging and supportive writing instructors I’ve ever worked with. She forbids you to beat up on yourself and focuses instead on helping you set realistic goals so you can achieve your writing dreams. She also provides delicious food for thought at every session.”–Stephanie D.

“Elaine Beale’s enthusiastic approach to teaching offers encouragement to the beginner as well as to the more experienced writer. Her balanced appraisals of each writer’s offering inspires and informs not only through her thoughtful critique, her knowledge of the craft, but also her practical experience in the real world of publishing. I’ve learned to take myself seriously as a writer.” –Beth H.

“Elaine has the innate ability to determine exactly what each student needs and when they need it. I began studying with her to explore a new a hobby and could easily have been overwhelmed just by hearing the work of other, more experienced writers. Because of her relentless enthusiasm and honest but supportive critiques, I was able to discover not only my own voice, but the richer experience of being part of the fiction writing community.”–Rick K.

“Elaine is a superlative teacher whose sole agenda is to get you to write:  If you’re a beginner, she’ll show you how to get started. If you’re stuck, she’ll show you how to get unstuck. If you’ve got a completed draft, she’ll give you insightful and honest feedback. She does this all in a friendly, encouraging way. And when you read her marvelous novel, Another Life Altogether, you’ll see that she knows exactly what she’s talking about.” –Brie D.

“I am a big fan of Elaine’s, of both her writing and fabulous teaching. Having studied with Elaine in classroom and workshop settings, I know her to be a gifted, natural and gracious teacher. Elaine works hard, is thoroughly organized, covers all bases and does this with serious intent, gentle guidance and a healthy dose of good humor.”–Laura N.

“Elaine is a gem of a teacher.  I took her Breaking Through Writer’s Block class, which was designed for both newbies like me, and seasoned writers.  The class exceeded my expectations in every way.  Elaine has the perfect touch with the class –encouraging, inspiring and motivating.  She gently nudges the students toward freer writing, and gives concise and helpful feedback, seasoned with a sense of humor.  I liked the homework and in class exercises. The writing prompts she gave us to use as a starting point  were all well chosen to stir up memories and kindle the creative fire. Setting specific reasonable goals each week made a big difference. Under her guidance, I realized both that I could write, and that I had things worth writing about. I loved her class so much I was sad when it ended, and immediately signed on to the next class she offered. I look forward to taking more classes with Elaine.” –David K.

“Elaine’s class really helped me open up and write freely. She is an incredibly supportive and insightful teacher, and is great at helping everyone find their voice.”–Kate R.

You can contact Elaine at elaineqbeale@gmail.com if you’d like to be added to her mailing list to be notified about future classes.