Elaine Beale

“I had worked on the article for hours and hours but felt completely stuck. Elaine identified the problems with the writing, helped me organize my thoughts, and–after I’d completed my revisions–helped me polish the final draft. Thanks to her amazing editing, I got my very first publication credit!” –John M.

“Elaine took my novel, analyzed it within an inch of its life, and handed it back to me with clear direction on how to make it the best piece of fiction it could be. By the time she was done, she knew my characters and plot better than I did. I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job of editing a novel-length work of fiction than Elaine. I heartily recommend her to anyone who wants to publish.” –Eva G. 


Elaine is an experienced editor who is committed to helping writers create their best and most compelling work. 

Elaine has extensive experience editing fiction and nonfiction. She also provides manuscript review and analysis for novelists and short story writers.

Her skills combine a firm grasp of the mechanics of good writing with an understanding of story structure. She is committed to supporting the writer’s intentions and to identifying, supporting and amplifying his or her strengths.


For more information on Elaine’s editing services, send an email to Elaine.