Elaine Beale

“Elaine is a wonderful writing coach. She asks all the right questions (instead of “having all the right answers”), drew out my own insights, and helped my writing really soar.”–Lisa R.

“I came to Elaine with dozens of pages of a novel that weren’t going anywhere. Now I have an outline I’m excited about and I’m making steady progress.” –Rebecca J.

Elaine provides one-on-one coaching to clients who want to improve their writing skills and to people who want to embrace and develop their creative writer’s voice.

What Elaine says about her coaching:

“Writing is an act of courage. There are many things that frighten us about approaching the blank page, getting our words down, and sharing them with the world. It’s easy to lose confidence. And it’s also easy to undermine our own work.

As a coach my role is to support my clients so that they learn to live with the fear and write anyway. I help them connect deeply with their own creative voices while also providing gentle guidance about how to incorporate the commitment and discipline they need to complete and honor their own work.

It’s an exciting journey and one I find tremendously inspiring. And, as a writer myself, I understand keenly how challenging that journey can often be.”

For more information about Elaine’s coaching services, send an email to Elaine.